Presentations and Workshops Tailored to Your Audience

Lisa K. Cooper is an inspirational speaker, author of You Are My Voice: How Love’s Voice Never Dies and grief transition specialist.

In her uplifting, energetic, and passionate presentations she helps people discover how love never dies. Audiences gain a new perspective on life after death and a better understanding of how our loved ones continue to love us, share our experiences and provide help along our life’s journey.

In her previous corporate business world, she operated out of her left-brain, logical mind. While that mindset served her well for many years, a spiritual transformation occurred with her mother’s death. It was then she began to fully believe in things she could not see, and trust that we are spiritual beings with a consciousness that never dies. Today, she incorporates both her left brain analytical mind with her right brain intuitive thinking to bring messages of hope and healing to your organization.

Lisa lives in Kansas City and speaks throughout the region. She welcomes new opportunities across the country.

To book her for a speaking engagement, please contact Lisa@LisaKCooper.com. She can tailor her talks to your audience and their specific needs.


Lisa has been a guest speaker at the following groups:

  • American Business Women Association (ABWA)
  • Central Exchange
  • Unity Churches
  • Church of the Resurrection (COR)
  • Psychic Studies Institute (PSI)
  • Lavender House
  • Compassionate Friends
  • NVCN Annual Conference National Volunteer Caregiving Network Conference Speaker
  • Powershift Worship Center Annual Prayer Breakfast Keynote Speaker
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Faith and Grief Ministries
  • Modern Widows Club

What Others Are Saying …

  • I so enjoyed attending a "Love Never Dies" workshop in St. Louis. Lisa's love for her mother and family is so moving, and her ongoing connection with her mother made all the difference for me. My mother passed away when I was 11. I realized why my mother's death remains so tender for me when Lisa was speaking. There's been a wonderful shift around my mother's passing. I now know she was okay, and our connection today remains as strong as it ever was. A beautiful book, and author who wants us all to understand that love never dies.
    Laurie L Levin
  • Lisa's book, "You Are My Voice" and her "Love Never Dies" workshop helped me through the loss of both my parents. They were married 56 years and died within four months of each other. Since their passing, I've experienced dream visits and amazing signs from them. Her book is a constant reminder to stay open and stay connected. I have also used Lisa's book, "You Are My Voice", in my work as a counselor and art therapist.
    Barbara B.
  • Lisa K. Cooper, grief advocate and author of "You Are My Voice", offers deep comfort to those struggling with the death of a loved one. She shares her own experiences about death with sensitivity, warmth, and wisdom. Lisa inspires audiences searching for hope, comfort, and peace and offers invaluable tools that empower others to tap into their own intuitive gifts. Audiences who hear Lisa learn to connect with loved ones and come to believe, as she gently reassures others, that "love never dies".