You Are My Voice: How Love's Voice Never Dies

With remarkable clarity, Lisa Kolias Cooper shares her personal stories of Dreams, Signs and Discoveries demonstrating that death is not the end of life, rather just another way of being.

Our loved ones continue to love us, share our experiences and provide help along our life’s journey, even after they pass on. And those are just the beginning of her refreshingly simple, life-changing lessons that will echo in your heart, comforting and inspiring you, long after you savor their sweetness and light in this riveting memoir.

Just as my mother had predicted, when I opened my heart, I started receiving vivid Dreams and frequent Signs from her. These helped me believe, without a doubt, that she was not only out of pain and healed, but also an active participant in my life. Soon, I began recording my Dreams and writing about the Signs, with the intention of helping others understand that our deceased loved ones are with us in Spirit.

May you find that my words open your heart and feed your soul!

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Just as the shell leaves the ocean, we leave our physical bodies behind. But if you hold the shell to your ear and
listen closely, you’ll still hear the waves, even though the shell is far from its ocean home. Although I’ve left the physical world, you can hear my voice, if you listen with your heart and know that I am near.

– Eleanor Kolias (Lisa’s mother)

Lisa K. Cooper Author You Are My Voice

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What others are saying …

  • “I met Lisa and read her lovely book ‘You Are My Voice’ early in 2015, just as my own mother was starting her final decline. The book was of great comfort and helped me be more open and sensitive to hearing my mother’s special messages of love and guidance. A gentle and highly recommended read.”
  • “If ever the loss of a loved one can be anticipated, endured, and experienced with positivity and love, Lisa and her family did so. Her shared experiences of her mother’s life and death and subtle touches afterward are not only inspiring but possible for many of us, if we only listen and learn from ‘You Are My Voice’.”
    Helen C. Emmott NURSE ETHICIST
  • “I’ve known Lisa nearly 20 years and I’m inspired that she’s writing and speaking about this meaningful, spiritual, delicate, and beautiful subject. Her book stretches us to think beyond this world – beyond our short span here – and to walk over the bridge that bonds us with loved ones who’ve transitioned to another dimension of existence.”
  • You Are My Voice: How Love's Voice Never Dies is written with lovely compassion by speaker and grief support advocate, Lisa K. Cooper. Her stories offer deep insights and comfort to those suffering from the loss of a loved one. Share this book with a grieving loved one and Lisa will hold their hand throughout this personal and sensitive memoir.