About Lisa

Inspirational Speaker, Author, Grief Transition Specialist

Lisa K. Cooper

Inspirational Speaker, Author, Grief Transition Specialist

I’m Lisa K. Cooper, an inspirational speaker, author and grief transition specialist.

… I’m also a daughter, wife, mother, and former corporate manager.

My mother passed away on October 2, 2011. While that’s when my grief journey began, I was also blessed to embark on a fascinating new journey of hope at the same time.

Before, during, and after my mother’s physical death, I experienced unusual occurrences that challenged my logical, left-brained, corporate ways of thinking. These occurrences gave me hope about life and peace about death.

I began to record these experiences with the intention of helping others understand that our deceased loved ones are with us in Spirit. My first book, You Are My Voice: How Love’s Voice Never Dies, was soon born, and I’ve dedicated my professional mission to helping people discover how love never dies via workshops, presentations and private coaching.

I help people find hope and redefine life after death.

 – Lisa K. Cooper

My maiden name is Kolias. With the middle initial “K”, I honor my parents who have inspired my mission.