Workplace Healing

The H.O.P.E. Workshops

Broken into four modules (H-O-P-E), our workshops help you address three important questions:

  • How do you respond to an employee affected by trauma?
  • How do you reintegrate this employee into the workplace?
  • Can you ensure your business prospers after trauma affects a team member?

H – Heart-Based Healing

The Heart-Based Healing Workshop includes discussion surrounding bringing our whole selves to work, trauma in our lives causing “foggy brain” at work, and finding a safe place to ensure our work location is a place for emotional healing.

O – Opportunities for Healing

The Opportunities Workshop helps employees learn how to hold critical conversations with coworkers, provide resources for healing, and present practical tools on how to create and/or enhance a physical environment for healing.

P – Personalized Purpose

The Personalized Purpose Workshop assists employees in designing a team-based approach to help a coworker in trauma by naming each team member based on personal attributes and tasks. Specific trauma events will be shared based on the attendees present.

E – Employee -Employer Engagement

The Employee-Employer Engagement Workshop includes specifics surrounding role playing and training. A future “trauma plan” and boots on the ground approach will be developed along with the establishment of a trauma team and strategy.

Workplace healing focus group